Air raids in Yemen’s capital Sanaa kills 30 civilians; rescue operation underway

Air raids in Yemen’s capital Sanaa kills 30 civilians; rescue operation underway

Sanaa: Yemeni rebel capital air strikes Wednesday killed more than 30 people, including civilians, local and international aid organizations said.

Hussein al-Tawil, head of the Yemen Red Crescent branch of Yemen, said at least 35 people were killed in attacks in Sana’a, while rescuers continued to pull bodies from the rubble.

An official at an international aid agency confirmed to AFP that at least 30 people were killed in a series of attacks in Sanaa, home of the anti-gouvernementistes of Houthi rebels.

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Earlier, it was reported that several people, including civilians, were killed Wednesday in an air strike in the Yemeni capital, said witnesses and local media.

A television station run by Houthi insurgents in the country, which control Sanaa, reported that more than 30 civilians were killed in a raid by the Saudi military coalition allied to the Yemeni government.

The number could not be immediately confirmed with independent sources.

Witnesses told AFP that several air strikes had struck the capital on Wednesday, including a housing unit for workers on a farm near Qat. There were reports that members of the rebel Huthi had remained in the area.

The war between the Saudi-backed government and Iran-backed rebels killed more than 8,300 Yemenis since 2015 and pushed the country to the brink of starvation.

While the rebel alliance, which includes former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, controls the capital, the pro-government Arab coalition controls Yemen’s airspace.

Northern Yemen has been under air raid in recent months. June 24 civilians were killed when an air strike hit a market in northern Yemen was a qat trafficking center, a leafy plant widely used in Yemen but prohibited by neighboring Saudi Arabia.

Local sources, including hospital officials, accused the June strike of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia. The coalition did not claim the attack.

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