Junior NTR to host Bigg Boss Telugu: Significant casting coup, getting the crowd-puller as host

When the production company moved away from Kamal Haasan to host the Tamil version of Bigg Boss, it was expected that a major Tollywood actor did the same honors in Telugu space. After all, people Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi had already made their foray into Telugu television. But in a strategic move, Star Maa came to N T Rama Rao, known as Tarak or Junior NTR. The small son of N T Rama Rao, the legendary actor and former Minister of Andhra, Tarak is one of the best Telugu movie actors.

For a film industry, amateur-based casting associations is a significant blow because NTR is a big shot. Tarak fans see this as a historical moment for Télégorienne television because no young hero in the first league has attempted an appearance on the small screen. NTR himself believes that “the show will be an element of change” on Telugu television. “Star Maa in search of someone with spontaneity and energy, and these two aspects define Tarak,” said Mahesh Koneru, a business analyst who closely follows the Telugu film space. “Since the series has no set script, it will work for Tarak, who has a sense of humor,” he added. And fear does not miss the name NTR always works like magic in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

In terms of income, said NTR vid, also formed Kuchipudi dancer and singer of reproduction, received the highest compensation ever awarded to a Telugu actor to host a television program.

By the way, like Kamal, Tarak also started as a child actor. His first film at the age of 13 was seen playing the lead role in Ramayanam, which won the National Film Award for Best Children’s Film in 1996. He made his debut as a hero four years later with Ninnu Choodalani. Among Telugu’s heroes, he worked on the maximum number of films with the director of Baahubali, SS Rajamouli, who sent three successes to student No. 1, Simhadri and Yamadonga.

It is interesting to note that Tarak was chosen by several others in Tollywood. Nagarjuna was a success with Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu, the Portuguese version of Kaun Banega Crorepati and helped the channel to advance in the PRT, but his successor Chiranjeevi turned out to be a failure. The sources say that this is what drove the boss Bigg producers to join a young hero.

From the perspective of NTR, which is also a political maneuver. Although it had two versions in the year 2016 in Nanak Prematho and Janatha garage, it simply shows Jai Lava Kusa towards the end of the year. Being in contact with the public through other means will, therefore, ensure that it is not out of sight, out of mind. What kind of impact can you have on the NTR movie career? “What show television does have little impact on love and affection as the audience see the star on the big screen,” said Suresh Babu D, producer and distributor, adding that “Salman Khan’s fan following was not seen Unaffected by her appearance in Bigg Boss. Similarly, although the show Chiranjeevi did not work, that does not mean that her next movie will not be a good opening. At the same time, television shows that certain host actresses do not contribute to her career in the film ”.

Interestingly in recent months, NTR has also posted pictures of playing with his son Abhay Ram on social networks, projecting a very familiar image. This will also help convey the seriousness needed for your role as host of the show, in connection with a family audience viewing Chief Bigg.

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