Enrolment drive In Chhota Udepur: Akhilesh photo on school bags in Gujarat, probe ordered

Enrolment drive In Chhota Udepur: Akhilesh photo on school bags in Gujarat, probe ordered

The administration of Chhota Udepur was left red after the images of former Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav were found in school bags given to elementary students as part of the Shala Praveshotsav walk. The kick-off came on Tuesday, when some students from a primary school in Sankheda Taluka took off the tag Shala Praveshotsav and found the photo below Yadav. The news made the district’s primary education official to hold an emergency meeting and circulate a Notice of Showcause to the contractor providing the bags. The Department of Education has ordered an investigation into the matter.

District officials said about 12,000 bags were distributed during annual Shala Praveshotsav ceremonies (training school) in the tribal district. The bags as controlled by the government of SP in the UP in 2016 as part of the campaign Yadav to distribute school bags 1.8 million rupees.

Some bags were painted black to hide the image of Yadav. The bags were ‘padho Khoob, Khoob badho (more study, more progression) and’ keywords ka ummeedon Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh (a state of hope, Uttar Pradesh). Many students have cast a blank when asked about the photo. Jaymin Vasava, the village of Bhuria Kuwa, said: “I do not recognize this person.”

The District Official Primary School, Mahesh Prajapati said: “We bought the bags through a company based in Surat after an electronic tender process. We were surprised to find photos of ex UP CM. Well. “The total cost of buying the bags was Rs 17.28 lakh. The price of each bag of Rs 144. The contractor has received a notice from Showcause, he said, “We have not yet paid the contractor, we will soon decide to dispose of the bags.”

Zinabhai Chhotala, Director of Security Products Chothala Pvt Ltd Surat, said: “We are a trading company, we do not manufacture products. After obtaining the contract, we buy bags from dealers we have … no link with someone in UP and no bags Were brought from UP. “Congressional opposition has given a boost to the state government. “Instead of providing teachers, the government distributes recycled bags from a former UP government. This shows how education is,” said Manish Doshi, a spokesman for Congress.


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