UK Election 2017: Theresa May’s costly gamble has torpedoed Britain’s fight against radical Islam

Monday, trying to reassure Britain under the seat of repeated terrorist terrorists Theresa promised a tougher approach.

Addressing the 36-hour campaign before the general election, the prime minister vowed to tear up British human rights law to give more teeth to anti-terrorism programs.

While Britain is suffering its latest referendum, the prospect of this anti-terrorist policy is now in the smoke and the future of May is on unstable ground.

In hindsight, he may possibly have his epiphany of terror too late, mortally wounding his image as a hard and inflexible leader.

His reluctance to devise the plan of action to counter radical Islam allows ironically workers (of all people!) To paint in a defensive corner in the police cuts, budget constraints and intelligence failures.

His last wish was interventionism in “longer prison sentences for those convicted of terrorist offenses … making it easy for the authorities to deport suspected foreign terrorists in their own country … do more to restrict freedom and Movement of terrorism suspects “and its statement” If human rights law prevents us from doing so, we will modify the laws so we can do it, “seems to have convinced anyone, and had the effect of calling Jeremy Corbyn more ammunition To describe it as a fair, alarmist climate.

In many ways, it was a manifestation of May’s inexperience as a leader. “Maybe” appeared as more of a bureaucrat rigid upper lips who do not know how to develop and demonstrate leadership during a time of crisis. And England – like the rest of the world – through a period of agitation as human values and the fundamental principles of civilization are attacked by a radical ideology and its toxic mutant weapon.

Remember, it was not until Saturday that three jihadists plowed a rented vehicle into the crowd on the London Bridge and untied long unarmed knives near Borough Market civilians. Khurram Butt, Rachid Redouane, and Youssef Zaghba affirmed “this was for Islam, by Allah” in eight minutes of pure madness before they are neutralized. Between London busy on the streets to enjoy a Saturday night, seven have died and 48 have given birth in the hospital, some fatal victims.

It was the second terrorist attack in England in two weeks and the third of three months after Westminster and Manchester. If the Conservatives had greater support from voters because of consecutive terrorist attacks, this assumption seems to have been distorted.

Although terrorism was very high among the issues of the survey, the British prime minister has not made the public believe his leadership. It is still far ahead in terms of Corbyn’s popularity, but May has failed to capitalize on his popularity and could not touch public insecurity and anger against terrorist attacks.

The ComRes research, published in the London-based Financial Times, notes that “terror and security have increased the list of public priorities in the last month, the fifth most important issue in the third, after NHS improvements and Success of the Brexit negotiations … at the same time, the May approval rating fell on security during the campaign when asked who is most likely to keep the country in the terror free, its score fell 6 points to 41 percent, although this is more “, either twice (the) leader score Jeremy Corbyn worker, who rose a point to 15%.

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